Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cleared probation

Today was a pretty nondescript day at the office. Showed up around 8. Wrote some code; tested some code; thought about the next code to write; did the Perforce promotions for the build. Finished up and left at 5. Typical Wednesday stuff.

Which is good. I've now been at my job over six months. So I've cleared probation. There wasn't much too it. The date passed without any fanfare. Just like the other companies I've been with over the years. In my years in high tech I've only seen one instance out of hundreds of hires where someone didn't clear probation. And that guy was just a disaster, a mistake, an obvious bad hire from the start. Still it's a risky time for the new employee especially as external events and the markets would be making everyone jittery.

So I'm glad to be more on the inside now. I feel I can speak my mind a little bit more. And it's nice to at least have some access to severance if unexpected changes happen. But I really hope the company can continue to prosper as it has over the last several years.

I finished off a book recently. It was Airframe by Michael Crichton. It was a pretty good book, like most of Crichton's work. Definitely a good read. I've read a number of Crichton titles and they are all good. There's a few of I still haven't read so I'll cycle back to him again later on.

I've got a number of books to read now and a couple of others that I want to get. So lots to read in the coming months.

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