Friday, October 17, 2008

ex SupportSoft lunch

I had a much more enjoyable lunch today than the usual peanut butter and jam sandwich.

I met up with some former coworkers from SupportSoft. We met at the Red Fox in Bayers Road. The Red Fox is pretty good. The food is good and the prices are all right. It's comfortable with lots of seats and parking. Usually when I go to the Fox it's at night with the DJ and bands so this was a nice change.

It was a good time seeing my former colleagues again. Two of the former SPRT are at CGI now and I guess they got talking that it would be cool to meet up again. So they e-mailed me and some other expats and after a number of e-mails we settled on the date and time. Me and another guy who landed at RIM drove down together.

We talked about the old days, and what we're up to now. Plus some of what we've heard about the old office since we left. Some good stories from the past.

It was rough at times back at Core/SupportSoft but we did have some good times. The camaraderie was good, it was good people to work with for sure. We wouldn't be meeting up well afterwards like we did today if we didn't care or have some connection and nostalgia to the old times and the characters we worked with [of course we were all part of the character of the place too.]

Sometimes I miss the old days at Core/SupportSoft. The commute, the orderly world of the ACS, the Friday lunches, the familiar and comfortable, status, Chris and James [among others], being able to speak directly to the CEO in the lunch room, the kids Christmas party, dogs in the office.

Change happens and people move on but still even if you're better off in some ways there's usually stuff to miss about what you left behind.