Saturday, October 18, 2008

went to the airpot

I did something yesterday I enjoy doing. I went out to the airport. I picked up my parents who were returning from a visit with my sister to Ottawa.

I always enjoy going to the Halifax airport. Ever since I was young it was a treat going there. And it was pleasant as always today. Hardly anyone around. The plane arrived a few minutes early. The bags were there just a few minutes after. Parking was a breeze. I even got a bit lucky. Driving through the metered area I happened on one with 43 minutes left on it. I slid in there and didn't even end up paying to park. yay.

There's something exciting about the airport. People coming and going from everywhere to everywhere. The international aspect of it. The 24 hour operation, thinking about the wee hours when it's still always open and people are around in the still quiet. The size of the place with the planes and hangars.

I've always liked the big powerful infrastructure. Planes, ships, trains. Chugging along in the quiet hours. I should have gotten into that for a career.

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