Thursday, October 09, 2008

Signed up for PayPal

I recently did something that many did a long time ago. I joined PayPal. I bought something online and the merchant pay was through PayPal. So I joined and linked it to the credit card I wanted to use. It was easy to get set up and everything worked easily and successfully the first time through.

There's something I find exciting about online money outside of the plain President's Choice chequing account. It's like when I cashed out stock options those times in the past. Just a few clicks and there it was, free money for me!

Of course with the stock options I had put in hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime to get there. If you divide the amount of the stock options cashout by the unpaid overtime then it was probably around $5 an hour. Still that was highly satisfying voting that money to myself on etrade.

We don't get stock options where I work now so if I want money to just wonderfully "appear" then I guess I'll have to come up with a scheme to get people to send money into my new PayPal account. Need to think a bit about that one.

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