Saturday, April 04, 2009

Baseball cards update

Another update on baseball cards. I was down to just 7 left to finish the 1979 o pee chee set. I went on Sportlots and I was glad to see all of the cards I needed were listed there.

So I placed the order. It was spread across 4 sellers. The cost came to around $7 on paypal. That's fine to get the set finished. It got off to a good start. All four sellers marked their orders as filled within a couple of days. And in the first week two of the orders arrived with 3 of the cards.

Then ... well nothing. The remaining 2 orders did not arrive. That's pretty bad for there to be a 50% fail to deliver. It made me wonder if it was really bad luck or the site was a scam. They did have a follow up on sportlots so I registered a fail to deliver on the two sellers. One guy, barriere, basically admitted he hadn't sent the cards and wasn't going to. The other guy claimed he had sent the cards. That's strange for the second guy since it was a month later when I put in the fail to deliver notice.

After the required week the cards still hadn't arrived so I requested refund. The way sportlots worked I did get a credit. I left negative feedback on the two sellers. Pretty disappointing and that was that it seemed.

Then something unexpected happened. One of the orders arrived. It was surprising since it was postmarked February 5 air mail in Pennsylvania but it didn't arrive until March 20 here in Nova Scotia. So somehow the useless post office managed to take over six weeks to deliver an ordinary letter from Pennsylvania to Nova Scotia. That was very annoying. This is not the first major screw up with the post office. Just this year it took the post office nearly a month to deliver a letter from my place to another address in Halifax!

So then I had to try to right things with the seller on Sportlots. I contacted the sportlots support form and explained the situation. The order was marked as not filled as it had been over a month since I had made the order with no delivery. I asked sportlots to reverse the refund and re-make the payment to the seller. Also I asked for the negative feedback to be cleared as it was the stupid post office fault it wasn't delivered in a timely way. Fortunately sportlots customer support is not too bad and they did resolve the situation that the post office created.

So I guess that's as far as it will go with the 1979 set. It's disappointing to be the 3 cards short but maybe someday I'll find some other chance somewhere to find those last three cards. It was kind of a distraction as things dragged out with the 1979 set. I should get focused on it again and start on the 1978 o pee chee baseball set.

If anyone has any line on it, these are the cards I need to finish the set. 1979 o pee chee baseball.

322 Dave McKay
325 Jerry Remy
350 Lou Brock

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