Sunday, July 12, 2009

Office Space the Movie

I saw the move Office Space over the weekend on DVD. A co-worker lent it to me. He apparently has a copy at his desk it seems.

I hadn't seen it before. It was a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very funny. It's basically the story of modern office work and some of the frustrations that come with having a seemingly good job.

They had a good screenplay. The casting was great. The characters were very believable in their roles. Although the characters were stereotypes of yourself and your co-workers, it was close enough and well enough done to be really funny.

The soundtrack was very good and really helped make the movie. The soundtrack consisted mostly of gansta rap. Which was funny for a movie about office work. But it fit in well.

On the gangster theme. Along with the soundtrack, there was an undertone to the movie. It was the respect and admiration the main character office workers had for gangsters and criminals.

Myself I also admire gangsters. They are the real freemen in our society. Regular folks sit there in synthetic cubicles; tethered to prescription drug plans, mortgage and SUV payments.

The gangster, the pimp, the outlaw biker; that's the admirable life in many ways. Could you imagine a pimp producing a Microsoft Word document listing his personal goals and objectives for the coming fiscal quarter? Do you think someone would hassle a mafioso to come in on a Sunday? When do they get up in the morning? When they're done sleeping!

I think that theme resonates with a number of people perhaps more than they realize. Consider this YouTube video has 49 million views.

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