Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Order to Canada

I had a bit of a problem the last few weeks. A couple of months ago one of the players got bent on my table hockey set. There's not much space where I live and someone tripped over it accidentally.

It turns out to be easy to fix. It's a Franklin hockey set and I needed a Hockey Gear part.
So far so good. The part was right there on the Franklin site and they had an order form. Unfortunately there was a snag when I went to order. They only deliver to USA. That sucks since they obviously sell the sets in Canada, they don't sell replacement parts in Canada.

I thought I was stuck for a while but then I had an idea. At work we have a California office. My manager has worked with the people in California. I asked my manager to make contact for me with his counterpart in Redwood City. I ended up ordering the part from Franklin (via Yahoo Store which is very good) and getting it delivered to his house in California.

Then the trick was to get it to Canada. Occasionally there's meetings either in California, Ontario, or Nova Scotia so it was fine for someone to just bring it into Canada that way and it would get to me in a little while. However the guy in California just sent it to me USPS and that was all fine.

So that was that. Just this week though I got an e-mail ad from Paypal and it turns out there's a business around these USA only deliveries to Canada. It's So if you're willing to pay then there are services for this. Actually the rates at MyUS look kinda steep so maybe you should shop around and see if anyone else does it. I was interested in getting some nice Kem playing cards which seem to be impossible to order from a Canadian supplier so maybe I'll get them yet.

The part I needed was 14010Z7 from Franklin Sports Parts. FRANKLINSPORTSPARTS.COM. I'm listing it here for search engines in case anyone in Canada happens to be looking for this part. I have some extras now and will mail them in Canada.

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