Friday, July 03, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I drove a friend downtown for a job interview at a bar. He has a car but the registration is messed up in the cutover from his old van which died, and some other complications. He's a good guy but he kind of has to get his life together. He ended up landing the job so good for him.

On the drive back he got talking about a site he likes. It's tagged. He said it's a good site and recommended it. I was a bit skeptical about it but I was curious enough to try it out.

It was about what I expected. You don't give your full name. Just first name, last initial, age, and location. It reminded me of the late night bar scene. Women around my age in Halifax on that site is a lot of tattoos, trash, and trouble. Some but not much class. I guess it's cheaper than the bar scene to look around at a low signal to noise ratio. It's a bit amusing. It is what it is. Maybe I need to get my act together for going on there.

It would be questionable to meet someone on tagged. It did get me thinking though about the Internet dating scene. I think if I wanted to meet someone on the Internet I would sign up at the dating site that had a high fee. $100, better yet $200-$300+.

Why would I want to overpay? For value. I figure with a high sign up fee the site would be self organizing. The fee would self filter out a lot of the fakes, poseurs, wannabees. If a girl doesn't have $100 for a one time expense then I don't want to meet her. It would be more likely to be a classy site. I figure the ladies with class, education, good jobs and savings would go to a more expensive and exclusive dating site. So if you want to meet those types of women then that may be a good place.

It makes sense as an investment. If you meet someone good with a good job who is good about money then a one time $300 investment up front would easily pay off more than 100 times over. And I suspect there's at least a 1% chance of meeting such a person on that type of site.

Do I have any business dating pharmacists, accountants, and dentists? Possibly not. The free market and pure luck will ultimately decide.

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