Monday, September 20, 2010

Peter Stoffer must go

I so hope Peter Stoffer is g-o-n-e outta here as of the next election. Check out the article.

If Stoffer had told the truth up front about guns then I probably wouldn't care. Just another yellow NDP who I would never vote for. If there was an NDP I'd ever vote for I would think it would be Stoffer as up until now he has represented the region pretty well.

But not after this. To go on Live at 5 and act like a tough man with his chest puffed out over guns; then to turncoat, bait and switch the people who voted for him when it came to a real vote in parliament. Screw you Stoffer for letting feminists and weak soft urban NDP socialists push you around and dominate you like that.

Well I guess now you're good to go after this vote to be mayor of Halifax. I hope you don't become mayor because now I know I can't trust you.

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