Thursday, September 02, 2010


I've joined plentyoffish recently. I'd been lurking around for a little bit so I decided to join.

It's a pretty good site. Much better than that icky tagged site from the past. And its free which is nice.

So I created a profile. It's probably not very good. Oh well.

There's lots of interesting women on that site. I'd say around 50 or so close to my age within about a 20 minute drive of where I live who look respectable and seem to have their act together. They definitely have the critical mass on pof.

Some people I know said they met women there. I haven't really made any attempt to. That site like society favors the more aggressive. But I haven't made any real attempt to meet women outside the Internet either so I'm consistent I guess.

There's always lots to do; work, home projects, and stuff to keep up with. I don't mind being single so no need to press or anything. So see what happens.

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