Saturday, December 03, 2011

Yahoo messenger has been hacked

For the last couple of weeks I've been seeing some strange email bounces. Usually on Sundays. It is an email apparently originating from my own Yahoo mail account to a list of about 10 people. The email list is people I interacted with a long time ago so many of the emails are stale and have been bouncing. One of the people on the email list is one of my own email accounts!

It's strange because I don't use Yahoo mail anymore. I set up forwarding to my gmail account and hadn't looked into yahoo mail in quite a while. There has been other strangeness too lately like Google told me one day this week someone had recently logged into my account from Germany. I quickly closed all sessions and changed that password. I've run a full scan on my own computer but the virus scan is not showing any problems.

So today I actually logged into yahoo and after clicking around some this is what I saw

well there's your smoking gun. a bunch of Y! Messenger Auth from all over the world. Starting November 20. I have never used Y! Messenger so that would be the source of the spam emails. I hope Yahoo notices this and fixes it. although I'm not sure. I clicked on the link to the support site and the result is an instant Connection Refused. nice

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