Sunday, January 20, 2013

bad Steve Murphy interview

Back in November there was a Steve Murphy interview with General Tom Lawson, head of Canada's military.

It was a good opportunity but Steve and the director of the segment didn't do a great job. Early in Steve noticed the General has a recently added fourth maple leaf on his shoulder. Well that's nice, Steve or the director could have thought to get the general to turn ever so slightly so the camera could get a close up of the maple leafs on the general's shoulder. We viewers didn't even get to see it! Terrible.

So it was around the time of the David Petraeus thing and the Halifax security conference. While Steve touched on it a bit and probed the general some, he missed some good questions he could have asked General Lawson

  • will the lovely Paula Broadwell be joining us for the security conference?
  • is the social liaison at the base all set with the entertainment for the weekend?
  • do you personally command the Army?

it was a disappointing interview and not really well done

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