Sunday, January 27, 2013

ah free speech on the Ottawa campus

So second rate Carleton has decided to try to catch up to UOttawa by reminding us there is no place for thoughtcrime on their campus. To prove their hostility to dissenting views, a straw man Free Speech Wall was erected to be torn down within hours.

The courageous destructor? Seventh year student Arun Smith. Seventh year you say? Glad to see the people's tax money used productively funding his education. Our future leaders. Maybe some school board or big city newspaper will have him.

Well Carleton had to catch up after the Anne Coulter book burning at UOttawa. Next up is for the Carleton admin to follow up these events with a bizarre, Orwellian announcement that the university obviously supports and has always supported freedom of thought and expression on campus.


Anonymous said...

Did you go to school for 8 years?

delsquared said...

By "school" if you mean university. I completed two degrees, Math and computer science, in well under 8 years and today I'm in the middle class working in high tech.