Wednesday, January 30, 2013

photos project is done

I've just finished up a long standing personal project. I've now collected and sorted all of my pictures into photo albums.

It took a while as there were pics from a 35mm camera and two cell phones. I'd still like to get a real camera some day, a Canon in the $200-$300 range. There were a number of pics posted to facebook and some that weren't. So it took a while to sort through what was where. I copied the picture files to memory stick and got them developed on a year by year basis. I used Shoppers and Superstore for developing.

Did I mention it took a while to sort through it all? Basically through the NFL playoffs I was working on this while the games were on tv. Ah now it's all done, everything is caught up, developed and in the albums. I got the albums at Superstore. I filled one 320 pic album and a good start on the second.

Going forward the plan is to definitely stay on top of it and get the pics developed close to when they are taken. It will be easier now as I have the definite done up to now point so I know where my starting point is.


So that's that. It's good to complete a personal project. I've got a few more to work on. Next I think will be the long delayed hockey cards project. Picking up from the completion of football and baseball. Get them finally sorted out, see where it's at, figure out which sets to complete and which to release.

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