Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bought some jeans

I bought some new jeans over the weekend. Some of my old jeans were getting too old so I had to toss them. I went to Mark's Work Wearhouse. They're pretty good, I've been going there for a long time. Their stores are spacious and well laid out.

I was looking for some Denver Hayes jeans. There was a $10 off special in their flyer. I've had Denver Hayes before for quite a while and they are always good and they cost a bit less than Levi's. I was a bit surprised this time to see the Denver Hayes I looked at were made in China. Yuck. That's a change as traditionally I always got them made in Canada, which is the main reason I bought them.

After some searching I did see some Denver Hayes that were made in Canada. But they didn't look too good or fit all that well. Levi's seems to have stopped manufacturing in Canada a long time ago so I was kind of resigned to getting China which is icky.

But on the back wall I saw this brand called Dakota. I just noticed they were on sale. I've never bought them before. I was surprised to see they were all made in Canada. They're 100% cotton and they fit okay and look alright. Plus they were on special so I bought two pairs. I hope they last for a while. If they do I'll keep buying them.

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