Monday, April 14, 2008

Rickard's white beer

I tried some Rickard's white beer the other day. It was pretty good. At work we brought in lunch to mark some old friends rejoining the Halifax office. The lunch was Thai food which is really good. There was a selection of beer as well which is a bit unusual for a company lunch.

There was Guinness and Rickard's white and Rickard's honey. For no special reason I picked the Rickard's white. What's interesting is the beer actually is white. If you look into the bottle from the side in the light (the bottle is pretty dark brown) it does appear to be a cloudy white. I didn't notice it until I was over half done the beer.

In my experience cloudy beer is usually bad home brew. But the Rickard's was pretty good. It has a nice clean taste. I'd consider buying it but at 5.5% it's a bit stiff for my current tastes. My tolerance isn't what it used to be so I generally prefer the watery 4% Keith's light.

Speaking of buying beer, I'm sad to see the near demise of the good old 6 pack, aka the poverty pack. It seems casual partygoers now have to get 8 or 12 minimum which sucks if you're just going to a friends place to meet up for a couple of hours before going downtown or wherever. The 6 packs at the big Bayers Lake Liquor store just seem to be expensive imported beer, and good old Schooner. I used to like Schooner in the past but I don't care for it today, a bit too hard for me now.

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