Saturday, April 26, 2008

New sneakers

I went out and bought some new sneakers today. Like the last time, it was a generally unenjoyable experience. I'm starting a new job on Monday and my old sneaks were looking worn. So I got some fresh new ones for work.

It went a bit better this time. I skipped Wal-Mart and Payless this time so saved a bit of time. I ended up at the Shoe Company, as usual a pleasant store. It took some looking but I did find some sneakers I liked for an OK price. I didn't really want to go over $70 for work sneakers. There were some nice ones I liked that were $80 but I made myself keep looking at $70 max.

In general shoes today look terrible. I really just wanted some plain white or black shoes that are comfortable and look OK with jeans. Instead it is almost all these garish colour schemes on the shoes that ruin the look. The flashy looks are yucky, which eliminated most of the shoes I looked at. I like the minimal, clean, predominantly white or black look.

I ended up getting some Adidas Superstar II shoes. They are a plain white with the green three sripes on the side. They were very comfortable when I tried them on. They came in regular price at $70 so no more than I wanted to spend. The staff at the Shoe Company is good. They tend to stay out of your way and appear when they might be useful. The woman I spoke to spoke well of the Adidas (of course) and she suggested I get some leather protector cream for them. I've never in my life bought such protectant for sneakers so I was a bit skeptical. Up at the cash it was $5 and I nearly bought some but decided against it. I might splurge on that in the future when I pay off some more debts.

I was a bit surprised at Cleve's to see they still have Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. Those are great shoes I've had for over 20 years. I hadn't seen them in a while. I would have bought them but they were $90. The Stan Smiths look the same, but the price sure isn't from 20 years ago. I used to be able to get them for around $40.

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