Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

A coworker surprised me a bit this morning by wishing me happy Earth Day. I said "happy Earth Day to you too" as we were walking in opposite directions. I then muttered to myself under my breath "enjoy the dieoff".

For better or worse I've become a bit more enlightened the last few months reading sites like Sudden Debt, Housing Panic, and The Economist for that matter. There is some provocative and a bit scary stuff out there about Peak Oil, Black Swans, the dieoff and such. The environment is surely in trouble. How much trouble and what if anything can be done to address it are important questions.

I'm not into conspiracy theory or stuff like that but the events of the last year or so should be at least a bit of a concern to everyone. Thanks to the Internet and net neutrality there are more outlets for more wide ranging views to get aired, free of the advertising beholden newspapers and mainstream media. The responsible reader should be both skeptical and open minded to different points of view and willing to question or challenge what the mainstream media [and the alternate sites] tell us.

If anything it's nice to get a break from the 24/7 Britney/Nicole/Paris/Brad&Angie/Idol/Survivor/Flag burning/Gay marriage carpet bombing of the regular media to have some real discussions with some smart people about real issues.

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