Saturday, April 19, 2008

Going running

I picked up some running shoes recently. I decided I was going to go out running again this year. The weather is slowly getting warm enough now that I can go out in the evening after work. It’s been a while since I’ve gone running. The last time was in 1997.

I bought some Adidas Response running shoes. I got them at Cleve’s Sporting Goods. The sneakers were $90 marked down from $130. Cleve’s is pretty good if you don’t go in on a Saturday. I was there on a Wednesday evening. It was me and a young fellow in the section looking at the same types of shoes. There was one employee working that section and he helped us both at the same time no problem.

The last pair I bought in 1997 were also Adidas which I bought at the same Cleve’s in Bayers Lake. They were $80 marked down from $120. So not too much inflation in a way if the shoes are of comparable quality. The ones I had before were really comfortable and light so I hope these shoes are nice.

I’ve been kind of looking forward to running again since the winter. I’m not competitive but if it goes well I might even try an organized 10k event with the goal of just finishing.

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