Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing ball hockey

I've found a sport to play this winter. I'm playing in the Halifax Floor Hockey League. Actually they kind of found me. The league organizer messaged me and two others we all know on Facebook checking if we were interested in coming out for the 2nd half of the season.

The other guys were too busy and one guy has a bad back, but I decided to go out. I don't really have any other scheduled activities away from work and it's just an hour a week Monday evenings. The cost is quite reasonable. The gym is nice and convenient to where I live so that's great. In the past in like 2001 and 2004 I played some ball hockey but it was too costly, too inconvenient and far to get there, or I didn't know anyone there, so I didn't enjoy it and didn't stick with it. With this league I know the organizer and some others there from the local tech scene who I worked with in the past so this looks positive.

I went to a preseason pick up game. I went in for the draft where I was a late round pick I'm sure. We had our first game last Monday but we lost 10-6. I'm not in good hockey shape yet and I was often out of position on defense. So lots to work on but I don't think I was embarrassed out there. I tried to keep my shifts short since I'm not in shape yet for hockey, which requires more of bursts of speed and activity. Hopefully I'll shake some of the rust off in the next few weeks.

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