Saturday, April 11, 2009

Clock radio

I picked up a new clock radio recently. I got it at Superstore. It is a Sony. It was on special $20 marked down to $12. I was looking for a new clock radio. My old one had malfunctioned a couple of times and the buttons were getting sticky. I probably should have replaced it a long time ago.

One thing that is different was there is now a $3.50 surcharge on the clock radio. Which is annoying because it is only a $12 item. The clerk at the electronics warned me about the extra charge. I think he felt bad about it. At least I shouldn't have to throw out my old clock radio as it should now be returnable to a recycling depot.

It was different when I got it out. There's no 9V battery to put in. It has a built in lithium battery. After I plugged it in I didn't even need to set the time. The built in battery kept the time. That was pretty cool. It even has daylight saving time so that's a nice feature.

I checked out the radio. The reception was good, better than with the old clock radio. It was easy to set the alarm time. It seems well designed. Which is what you would expect from the Sony brand name. All things being equal, I'd rather have the Sony. Hopefully it will run well for a few years.

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