Monday, April 13, 2009

Printer ink

I picked up some ink for my printer over the weekend. I really like my printer. It's a Canon Pixma ip 3000. It has always worked well. When it prints it will tell you if your ink cartridges are getting low. When I looked at the diagnostic screen I didn't even realize the printer has double sided printing.

Both the red and the cyan were low. I went to inkjet x-change in west end mall. They had aftermarket cartridges for the Canon and I was set. It only came to about $22 total for the two of them and they took the old cartridges for recycling. I'd been to that inkjet exchange before for a black cartridge a few months ago. Although the printer is dated Canon uses the same cartridge models on some newer models so it's still compatible. Typical of good design and engineering by Canon.

I'm glad these aftermarket printer kiosk stores have cropped up in the last few years. In the past around 5+ years ago printer ink cost a fortune and was hard to find.

The ink jet place is across from the registry of motor vehicles office. The former main part of West End mall is kind of a strange place now. It's so eerie and quiet now. No food court. No real stores along the main drag. No Sears any more. The Bay is still there though and I couldn't help but wander aimlessly through for a few minutes for old times sake. I guess with west end mall most of the action has shifted to the other end of the site with wal-mart, Sobey's, NSLC and other retail using outside entrances.

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