Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Going running again

I'll be off running again this season. I haven't gone out yet but I've decided I'm going to do it again this summer. Now that the snow is melted and it's getting a bit warmer in the evening and the light is lasting a bit longer it's about time to go out running again. It went pretty well last year. I'll plan to stick to the route I was using at the end of last season. I finished up around October last year.

I was looking for new running shoes. The Adidas response I used last year I ended up wearing to work during the winter. I was in Cleve's Bayers Lake last Saturday getting some skates sharpened. After that was done I wandered over to the shoes section. There were some running shoes on sale. I was going to get the same Adidas response I used last year as they were marked $130 down to $70. There were some other similar Adidas marked $120 down to $80 that looked nice too. Unfortunately they didn't have any Adidas in my size.

I was going to just leave but I decided to look at what else was there. I noticed there were some Saucony on sale. I've had Saucony before and they were really nice. There were two Saucony marked $120 down to $80. The red striped ones looked nicer but they were all out. They did have some Saucony Omni 7 in my size. They have grey stripes. They look OK, good enough to be seen in.

I tried them on and they are really light. They felt comfortable too. It was a good price $120 marked down to $80 so I decided to get them. So this will be my first non-Adidas running season; although I did try to buy the Adidas first but they were all out. Hopefully they will turn out to be a good buy.

I should try to get out running some time in April if it ever warms up a bit more. I've seen some people out in the morning running but I'm not that dedicated. Plus ball hockey season is still ongoing so I'm not fully engaged yet in post winter sports I guess. But at least I have everything I need now for when I'm ready to go.

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