Friday, April 17, 2009


I recently heard back from the Doctor's office. The test results came back negative. That means my vasectomy is finally complete and I'm now sterile.

It's good to have it completed now. The procedure was back in September at the Dartmouth General Hospital. I've always been fond of that hospital for some reason, it's always been my favorite. After I did the follow up test it was unfortunately still showing some genetic material. So I had to wait a couple of months and go back for another test in February. Going to the VG lab in the Mackenzie building to drop off this sample is not an enjoyable experience. I'm glad it's over.

In a way it's kind of moot at this point to be sterilized, if you know what I mean. Still this is one of those things that you have to take care of before you need it. It's a bit like insurance. There's a non trivial probability it may come into play in the time I have left so it's sensible to get it done [especially considering the cost of a failure]. Plus things can happen fast and with the lengthy lead times [it was well over a year from my initial family Dr. visit to when I got the final negative test results from the urologist office] you want to get this done before you really need it.

Plus it has some immediate value. It makes a very clear statement to what my intentions are about breeding. There can be no possibility of ambiguity or confusion or misunderstanding on this point. And I now control my own reproductive fate. I don't have to rely on the virtue of individuals, synthetic technology, pills, other people, to take care of this for me. My strategy is unexploitable.

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