Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baseball cards

Another update on baseball cards.

I went down to the local cards dealer to look for some 1978 o pee chee baseball. He had a good number in the first half of the set. I'm going to go back to look at the second half of that set. It looks like I'll be around 20 cards to go. That's a good start if I can knock off most of that set. I enjoyed putting them into the album with my son.

While I was there I had a list of older cards 1967-1976 that a guy had posted on the Yahoo o pee chee group. The dealer had at least some cards from every year on his list. Although I was only able to make one match. It was a good match though. It was the Buddy Bell card from the 1976 o pee chee. That was the last card on his list for the 1976 set. The collector was in Washington State USA. So that worked out well. It is a diverse group of vintage opc baseball collectors on the Internet.

Then I guess I got some good karma. A couple of weeks later the Washington State guy e-mailed me and said he'd located the Lou Brock card I need from the 1979 set. That was great news. It arrived in the mail and now I just need two more cards to finish that set. 322 Dave McKay and 325 Jerry Remy.

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