Tuesday, May 12, 2009

new monitor

I did a little bit of spending with my tax return.

I picked up a new monitor for my computer. I was going to order a 22 inch from Dell but I decided to check out some local dealers first.

I checked a few places and I noticed the 24 inch seem more popular now. So I was leaning toward that. I noticed a Samsung 24 inch I liked in Bayers Lake that I was leaning toward. I decided to go to Dartmouth Crossing and check out BestBuy and Future Shop there.

In Dartmouth Crossing both BestBuy and Future Shop had the same deal on a Samsung 25 1/2 inch monitor. It was $550 marked down to $399. For no real good reason I took a little chance and got it at Future Shop. The sales guy there was friendly and he carried it right out to my car.

I don't know much about Samsung monitors but I hope it turns out to be a good buy. So far it is working well. It's worth spending a bit more for a big monitor for how much you use it. One thing I like about the Samsung is they have 1920x1200 resolution. That works for me because I often have multiple windows open, browser, spreadsheet, etc. So I can have a number of windows open on the screen easily. And apropos of nothing the 1200 vertical res is great because you can have two 800x600 size windows stacked with no overlap; and 4 800x600 windows on the screen with no overlap and still a bit of open space left over.

I also picked up some clothes. I bought some pants at Sears. I was looking for some Levi's Dockers. They were kind of hard to find. After some looking I did find them at Sears in the Land's End section. Unfortunately they didn't have my size so that was a bit disappointing.

Still I got some Haggar wrinkle free in the same colour so that should be good. I also picked up some Columbia pants and some socks. It was a good shopping day because it happened there was a sale. The Haggar were 35% off. The Columbia were 30% off. The socks were $12 marked down to $7. Plus at the cash register they threw in an extra $10 off because I spent more than $50. So I got 2 pairs of pants and socks for less than $90 taxes in. At full prices without the specials it would have been around $150 taxes in. So that was a good bargain.

And that's about it for the tax refund shopping. The priority remains to get the remaining debt paid off and then I can really move forward. There's still some stuff I would like to get including a digital camera and a respectable tv and a bunch of other stuff.

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