Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek movie

I saw Star Trek last night at Bayers Lake. It was awesome, totally enjoyed it!

I've been a Trekkie for like forever. This was really well done focusing on the early original crew when they first joined the Enterprise. Spock was prominent and really well done. The young Spock actor did a great job and really "got" Spock's character without ruining it with emotion.

It was a bit hard for Spock to not steal the whole movie but the young Kirk actor was pretty good too. And that's what Star Trek really is. The story of Kirk. The story of Spock. The story of Kirk and Spock.

I remember years ago me and some friends were big TNG fans. We used to have end of season parties for the final episode cliffhangers. My attendance at the various original and TNG movies has been kinda spotty. I really should have seen Generations in the theatre as I heard that was good. This Star Trek movie was really well done. I hope they can pull off more good ones like this one.

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