Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bought some music online

After seeing KISS I wanted to put together a CD of my favorite songs. Like many artists with a mid to large catalog there are a number of KISS albums and greatest hits albums. But none that quite had just what I wanted.

I checked out itunes first but I couldn't really understand the user interface. And it seemed pretty Apple specific as far as I could tell.

I wasn't interested in using a piracy/virus site like kazaa or limewire. I tried out puretracks for no special reason. I remember hearing of them in the past with tv commercials a couple of years ago. I didn't know much about them. I searched on them and there was a wikipedia note. I didn't see anything questionable so they seemed legit. I hope they are legit.

puretracks was actually very good. The site is really well organized and super easy to navigate and search. They had anything from KISS you could want. Plus it was interesting they sold in mp3 format. Which is great because I just bought a CD from the dollar store for $1 and burned the songs I bought onto there using windows media player. Now I can listen to the disc in my car just like I wanted.

I ended up ordering 9 KISS songs. Plus I tacked on bohemian rhapsody from Queen which is not on Queen greatest hits for some unknown reason. The price was right, most of the songs were $0.99 each, all in Canadian money. A couple of the bigger hits were $1.29. So it worked out well. I was able to put together the 10 songs I wanted for only about $15 total.

My experience with puretracks was all positive. I would go there again.

Plus I should shout out a plus to Eastlink high speed internet. The download speeds on the music were consistently around 10Mbps+ just like they advertise; and this was during prime time load. Nice work Eastlink.

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