Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gaetz Brook Graham Creighton fight

Over on facebook I picked up that there was a fight at Gaetz Brook jr high on Wednesday. A carload of Graham Creighton jr high toughs came out looking for trouble and found it.

First of all Carole Olsen still needs to go. By siding with the bullies in the first place in the original Ken Fells incident she has undermined Fells and apparently created a culture glorifying the dominant bully at Graham Creighton. Thank you Carole Olsen. Now please leave.

As we saw in the original Fells incident, there is just one effective way to deal with the aggressive Graham Creighton bully. Stand your ground.

If the bully shoves you shove back, harder.

If the bully throws a punch you punch back.

If a carload of them show up on your schoolyard, your turf, during the school day to rumble then you know what you need to do. Be a man. Stand and fight. To their credit that's what enough of the Gaetz Brook did and they kicked their Graham Creighton asses back to the projects.

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