Friday, March 25, 2011


Well it's Friday.

Quebec school employee in porn movie. I would think what she does in her own time is her own business. I suppose it could be a distraction at the school if the principal was too weak to manage the teenage boys but that's his responsibility. Perhaps a back office job where it wouldn't be a distraction to herself and students would be in order. But in the mean time no reason for her to be suspended with pay or suspended at all.

The thing is that going back to the Malcolm Ross case, there is an established precedent that what school staff do in their own personal time can lead to firing if certain parties deem it not politically correct. If Ross can be fired for his unfashionable personal beliefs then this woman can be fired too. Be careful what you wish for. Maybe you'll be next.


Computer programmer loses $850k to prostitute. wow. I mean where does a disabled software developer come up with $850 thousand. I never had $850.00 to my name for most of the time I've been a computer programmer (sure I was married though, but still $850,000!)

What a donkey though the male is here. Since he's in software I'll suggest this simple algorithm.

  1. give a hooker some money
  2. get laid
  3. (stictly optional) after a while go back and repeat step 1, possibly with a different girl
I really have no sympathy for Macklem. I think he needs some advice from LT in the post below about how to manage these "relationships".

The whole case is bogus really. When he went to the cops they should have told him to be a man and take responsibility for his bad life decisions and bad business decisions. It was his choice to get into a relationship with a known hustler. It was his choice to cash out his entire savings, RRSPs and home equity on dodgy investments that he had to know were questionable. Nobody forced him to do that and I don't see him as a victim at all.

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