Monday, March 28, 2011


I recently watched the first season of cable tv series Californication. A guy at work watched it through one weekend and he thought I would like it. He was right it is pretty good. I'd never heard of it until my friend from work got talking about it.

It's the story of a semi famous writer Hank transplanted from New York to Los Angeles. His ex live in who is the mom of their 13 year old girl has left him to marry a wealthy man in LA. Hank is a drunk who gets around and lives the fast life while hating it there on the west coast. When the series opens Hank hasn't written anything in several years - but does well enough on royalties from his serious novels butchered into cheesy movies. With Karen gone Hank finds he misses her and dreams of getting her back.

It was a bit of a tricky series. The writers had to be careful to keep Hank from being Ross on Friends; that guy who sat sadly on the couch all those years wishing and hoping he could get back together with Rachel. So to toughen up Hank he gets into at least one fistfight per episode. Some he wins, some he loses - but he stands up and fights.

The series is a bit over the top LA scene at times. Hank and his agent get around with the ladies who are all beautiful. However if you notice there is a cautionary tale element to Hank's loose encounters and flings.

  • the headlight on his Porsche is smashed by the husband of a woman he was with. then he looked bad in front of his ex and child showing up to pick up his daughter with no pants on after his hasty escape
  • one lady turned out to be 16 he found out later
  • a grifter drugged him and took his guitar and vinyl record collection after an encounter
  • one bar lady turned out to be a prostitute. modern Hank had plastic but no cash on him. that got him beaten up by her pimp until his agent showed up to bail him out

 I've been getting through around 1 episode per day. I'm done season one now. I'm not sure where they could even take season two after the cliffhanger ending to the first season. Note if you do watch it this is for after the kids are asleep with the sound down and the remote handy. It's Showtime so they say and show a lot.

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