Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halifax university news

There were a couple of stories involving Halifax universities on ATV recently worth commenting on.

Nice move by SMU to get funding for women's hockey. It was a beautifully played bluff by SMU. That team wasn't going anywhere. The reality is hockey is expensive. Men's hockey and men's football have corporate support and if the fans will support it then women's hockey is also deserving of sponsorship. Nice job by the corporate community as well to step up. SMU is a sports school like it or not and is expected to be nationally competitive in the big sports in men's and women's teams.

Speaking of sponsorship. Like many I was glad to see the HRM skating oval will be back. But ouch at the price tag, $4 million up front. So much for $150k a year tops back in January lol. So fine with me if Molson, du Maurier, etc want to put up substantial amounts of money for signage, naming rights etc. Let's not argue with a man who is trying to give you money. It's still the oval so no need to get all militant and pious over nothing.

Then Dal, sigh. ATV had the story that Dal is axing the learning disabilities tutors. wtf?? How did this ever get created in the first place? I mean is the doctrine of no child left behind supposed to apply to adults and the university level now? IPPs for university students; does not compute!

I wasn't sure what to make of the ATV story. Maybe it was a level. Look at the "university students" they featured. One guy is in his eighth year. Another is taking an apparently rudimentary statistics course for the third time. Sheesh, dare I suggest these people just aren't "university material" and should take a more realistic education or work path based on their abilities.

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Lakeview said...

The students they did choose to show were a bit on the extreme.