Saturday, November 15, 2008

busy day

Today was a bit more active than usual for a Saturday. I helped a friend move in the morning. He and his girlfriend are getting a place together and they both moved from their own places to the new place. He brought in movers to carry the furniture and other heavy and awkward stuff. I'm not real strong and my back isn't very good so I took the boxes and such. There was a lot of stuff to move. There always is. It's good because he helped me to move in the past so I'm glad I was able to show up today and help him.

Then it was raking leaves in the afternoon. I stopped in between at McDonalds for a double cheeseburger and vanilla milkshake. The milkshake is kind of a moving day tradition going back to around 1998. It was tasty as always, the McDonalds milkshake always is. I should get them more often.

There were many leaves. I got a good start on it and filled a few bags then around 4 PM it started raining so I packed it up and that was that for the day. Hopefully the leaves that are raked won't blow around too much.

I don't usually do this much physical work in a day. I'll probably be tired and sore tomorrow. I'll sleep well tonight I think. I'm just planning to take it easy.

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