Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Went to the optometrist

Continuing with the health theme, I went to the optometrist yesterday. I hadn't been there in a little over two years.

Their office phoned me around June to set up an appointment. But I put off setting an appointment until last week. There was only about a 1 week wait to get an appointment time. I ended up going slightly before lunch at work. I ended up staying late anyway that day so it evened out anyway.

The appointment went well. I have the same prescription as I've had since 2003. I first got glasses in 1998 I believe.

It seems every time I go there I see a different optometrist. The first time it was a female whose name was on the door. Then last time it was a younger female more recent grad. Then this week it was a man who is a partner there.

He was an interesting fellow, a bit chatty. He likes Apple stock; not because of Mac or iphone but because he thinks they control the modern music industry because they have the only way to get anyone to pay for it. Maybe he's right. He also said he doesn't read the text environment Canada weather forecast on the web but knows how to read the satellite shots to know what's going to happen.

The price came to $83. They don't have the swipe card with Sun Life so I had to pay up front and mail in a benefits claim. I should get a good bit of it back if I read the benefits policy right. I ended up using credit card because their circa 1996 debit card machine wouldn't read my PC financial card. I've never had that card fail to swipe before. Still I'll have to order a new card if it fails to swipe again somewhere.

I don't mind the glasses, but still I would sure like to get laser surgery some day.

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