Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baseball cards update

I went to Strictly Singles with my children on Saturday. The guy there is pretty friendly and knowledgeable. He has albums and sells individual cards.

He has o pee chee baseball albums for all of the seasons I'm interested in. I had made a checklist in a spreadsheet and started with 1979. He had a good 1979 collection. In the first half of the set up to #200 I found all but one card, just missing a Bert Blyleven. The kids were getting a bit restless so that was good enough. It does take a little while poring over the pages against the checklist. The quality of the cards he has in this set is very good.

While he was pricing out the baseball cards for me I let the kids pick out some cards for themselves. My older son picked out o pee chee hockey from this season. They have brought back the pink gum now so that's pretty cool. My younger son said he wanted baseball cards on the way to the store; since he has lots of hockey. But when we were there he passed on baseball and picked some world of warcraft cards.

When we got home my younger son helped me to sort the new cards and put them into the album into the proper slots. We enjoyed doing that.

So a good start. The kids said they want to go back to Strictly Singles so I'm glad they are interested in card collecting too. Next time I'll look at 201-374 of OPC 1979 baseball and hopefully I can get most of them.

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