Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas shopping online at toys 'r us

I have a nephew who lives in Ottawa. He's turning 4 soon and I also wanted to get him something for Christmas.

Last year it wasn't too bad. My parents went to spend Christmas in Ottawa with my sister. So they just took the presents up with them. This year no one is going to Ottawa so I was thinking about how to get the stuff there.

The problem I found out last year is that postage costs a fortune on a parcel. The postage costs nearly as much as the gifts themselves. I was trying to think of how to get something for my nephew without getting killed on the cost of shipping.

Then I had an idea. Get it on the Internet. Shipping is quite reasonable there relative to the cost of items. So I checked out toys 'r us Canada where I had been before. That is a very good site. The site is easy to use. Search works well. Well organized. Very large selection and good prices.

You can just click and narrow it down without having to type any search text. So I selected boy, age 5-7, price up to $20. There were pages and pages of items. Well laid out with pictures and descriptive text and some had customer reviews. Prices tend to be a tick lower online than in the stores.

There was lots of selection and I was able to find about 8 things that looked good in not too long. I just picked two of them. One for the birthday and the other for Christmas. Combined the shipping was only $5. That is great. I just typed in my sister's address for deliver to and it all works great. It will be delivered to her house. It would have cost me over $5 gas money just to drive to toys 'r us if I tried to get something here in Halifax and ship to Ottawa. If you need to buy gifts for someone in a different province then online shopping is probably the best way to do it.

So that went well. I might even do some more local shopping online. It is a very comfortable and pleasant way to shop; free of the crowds and costs and hassles of going to the store.

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