Monday, August 10, 2009

Baseball cards update

Another baseball cards update. I was back on sportlots looking for 1978 o pee chee. They did have a few there.

I ordered five cards that I needed. As usual with sportlots it seems there were complications. One order was marked filled and then a few days later the seller changed it to credit/refund. I guess he realized he didn't have the card.

For another seller I marked the order as non delivery in early August as it had been marked shipped on July 6. However the seller said it had been sent. It did arrive last week postmarked July 30. So much for being shipped on July 6. I gave that seller a "neutral" rating.

Sometimes I wonder about these seller ratings on sportlots. They all seem to be 90+ percent positive. Yet in the three orders I've made I've had to deal with non-deliveries and late deliveries.

In any case I was able to advance the 1978 set a bit. I now have 17 cards to go on that set. There may be some new things to look into to see if I can find the remaining cards from those sets. I have a couple of ideas still to try.

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