Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road trip

I went on a road trip this weekend. I drove to Moncton to see a friend. I hadn't seen him in person in about 4 years, since the Rolling Stones show. I'd been meaning to go since around last summer but now I finally got around to it.

It was a good trip up. It was around 2 1/2 hours. I made good time and the traffic was pretty good. It's always nice when I get to Truro and reach the trans Canada highway. This time I took the left to New Brunswick instead of the right to Cape Breton. Both are great choices. The trans canada around Truro is pretty neat where it has the orange pavement in parts. I wonder what the story is on that.

I always enjoy going on the trans Canada. I always feel like driving clear across Canada to BC and the Pacific ocean when I go on it. That would be a fun thing to do some day. Drive across Canada to BC. Head south and come back east through the USA. Who knows maybe someday.

I arrived in Moncton around 1 PM and made it to my friend's house. We didn't really have a set plan. I mentioned I wouldn't mind seeing if I could find some baseball cards from the 1978 and 1979 sets I've been working on. He'd looked up some local dealers and we spent some time driving around to them. As it happened I didn't find any cards I wanted. That's fine, I didn't really go to Moncton to look for baseball cards. It was something to fill in time and it was pleasant driving around and chatting.

We went out for a late lunch. I suggested Smitty's so we went there. I've always been a fan and I hadn't been there in around a year. I had the western skillet and vanilla milkshake and it was good. And filling.

By then it was getting later in the afternoon. It had been overcast most of the day but then the sun came through bright and hot. We considered heading to Parlee beach to get some sun and sand and check out some eye candy but alas it was getting time to head back home. We'd just planned for a day trip and that was fine. I was there for around 4 hours so it was a good visit. I've visited him in the past in Moncton back in 2005 and 1997. Back then I stayed overnight and left the next day. In the past though we liked to drink heavily when we hung around. Today he doesn't drink anymore. So Moncton on a Saturday night with no alcohol just wasn't doing it for me. And he had tentative plans for the evening so it was all good.

The trip back home was good. Along the way I took a side trip off the main highway and that was a worthwhile and interesting visit.

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