Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Petro Canada Olympic Glasses

I picked up some Vancouver 2010 Olympic Glasses at Petro Canada recently. I had been meaning to get them. I got the two that are out, I hadn't got around to getting the first one yet.

I got it at the Main Street Petro Canada. I wonder if they are selling a lot of them. I noticed there's now a deal where they throw in a bottle of coke if you buy two glasses. At the Main Street store there seemed to be a fully stocked display. Maybe it was the store but there was a layer of dust on the boxes.

It seems like a good buy anyway. They are only $4 anyway and the glasses are fairly nice. I actually needed some new glasses anyway so this was timely. Plus some of it does go to the athletes so we get to help out in that way.

I remember the original glasses promotion for Calgary 1988. A lot of those glasses are still around, just like in the commercials. My parents still have at least some of the glasses they got back then.

It's nice in a way to now be in the generation who buys the Petro Can Olympic glasses.

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