Friday, August 14, 2009

new tv

I picked up a new tv last weekend.

My old tv is giving out. And it is an old tv. Very small, mid 80s vintage I would guess. Still it has run pretty well the last couple of years so that's fine. But two weeks ago the color gave out on it and it was coming in black and white. That's not good on a small screen.

So off I went seeking a new tv. I wasn't really looking for anything special. I don't have digital cable and the only show I regularly watch is Friday night SmackDown. Plus I don't have a lot of space where I'm at so I didn't want anything too expensive or space hungry.

At the store I quickly settled on the 26 inch size. That's small by today's standards, but it's about twice the size of my old tv. They look ok and the price was about as much as I wanted to spend.

I started at Sears Halifax Shopping Centre. Then I remembered there was a Sears Home in Bayers Lake along with the Brick, Future Shop and Ashley. After going to a few places the best deal was at Sears Home in Bayers Lake. I ended up getting a Samsung 26 inch. It was $565 original but there was a weekend special 15% off there. Once you add tax and the hefty environment fee back on it brought it back to a bit under $600.

This tv should be fine for me. The screen looks ok, especially with a game console. The remote is pretty good too it is well designed the major functions are right there. I'm glad I got it at Sears. All things considered, I would rather go with Sears for a major purchase. I hope the Samsung is a good purchase. My monitor is also Samsung and that has been working well since I got it.

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