Monday, January 30, 2012


So it's 2012. I got thinking that means it's been 5 years now since 2007. That blip report that US subprime mortgages were defaulting at a 16% rate, way up from the usual 7%. Then the 2 bear stearns hedge funds blew up. and, well then everything else since then that happened. Still not back to normal or close to back to normal five years later now.

I remember sitting at Jack Astor's for a work lunch. SupportSoft was good for that. It was late spring or summer and we were outside on the patio. Real nice Nova Scotia day. Just shooting the breeze and making jokes about Alabama deadbeats. I'd never heard terms such as subprime, CDO, CDS and such. I had just discovered HousingPanic and was reading and absorbing so much. I wonder what Keith is up to these days and if he ever returns to USA and Phoenix.


Speaking of subprime and trailer park trash. The lolsite of the day is liarscheatersrus. This is where people expose cheaters using their real names. Some of them with comments are entertaining like this one.

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