Monday, January 16, 2012


It was weird the first week back at work. I had trouble sleeping all week. I wasn't tired going to bed, and was waking up during the night and not getting back to sleep quickly.

On the Thursday I awoke around 1:30 and I don't think I got back to sleep, or not for much if I did. Finally gave up and looked at the clock: 5:30. Screw it got up for the day. I was surprisingly alert and untired all that day at work.

I can't recall this ever being an issue. For the last how many years it was just go to bed too late, asleep nearly instantly, up too early and tired. I thought maybe it was adjusting to being back at work after away for the three weeks. I wondered if it's aging, could be.

After that Friday I did pick up some Unisom. I heard their ad on House of Hair on Hal FM so I figured that would be as good as anything. As a consumer it's important to support businesses who sponsor shows I like. It was around $6 at Sobeys pharmacy.

I also changed to the comforter I was using before December on my bed. That seemed to help I think those sheets produce a more even heat during the night so I don't get too cool at the start or warm later and wake up. In any case I haven't even opened the unisom. After getting them I was able to get to sleep a bit better over an anxious weekend and since then it has been back close to historic norms. Plus I've been consistently sleeping through the night which is important.

I considered taking back the unisom but I think for $6 it's kind of a reassurance. I think just knowing it's there as a backup helps to relax; and then not even need it as kind of a self fulfilling prophesy. I don't take any medications and I really want to keep it that way as long as possible. It was pretty depressing at the Sobeys. Pills to get to sleep, pills to wake up, pills to stay awake. I wouldn't want to live like that.

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