Sunday, January 22, 2012

President Newt - why not

It was hard to believe when he first appeared on the campaign trail. This old fossil Newt Gingrich shows up and what's he doing?

Now he's surging and does he really have the right stuff to be president? First of all it's not too "unlikely" that he can win. After what happened 4 years ago America elected a black man, a community organizer, an unknown first term senator, as president. So Newt today is no more unlikely to actually win than Obama 4 years ago.

The other point is about Newt's, shall we say moral shortcomings. Well Newt apparently enjoys the company of beautiful women, and with his fame and stature as speaker of the house he may have had more access than most regular guys. Newt obviously does not believe in staying in a bad marriage and is cool with moving on when a marriage goes bad. Him and millions of others.

ok sure. There are two important points here. First that is stuff in his personal life away from work. It doesn't have any bearing on his ability to function as president. Second, and this is very important. Newt's "failings" in his personal life are no worse than Bill Clinton's and Clinton was never considered disqualified from running for or continuing as president.

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