Wednesday, January 18, 2012

USA: go freeze in the dark

So America doesn't want the Keystone pipeline. What a crock! Here we are attempting to create thousands of high paying industrial blue collar union jobs in both countries in construction, manufacturing, transportation, engineering, services, etc. and America turns up their nose and says no.

Hard to believe. If America is supposedly so concerned about terrorism you would think they would want to wean themselves of terrorist Saudi oil. Apparently terrorism isn't an important issue after all.

You would think America would have figured out by now that you can't build an economy on CDOs and flipping condos. You need a real industrial base. Apparently they still don't understand that yet.

I hope Prime Minister Harper does the right thing and makes good his threat to sell the oil elsewhere, i.e. China. Build a pipeline to Vancouver instead and we'll put it on tankers to the Far East.

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