Friday, December 28, 2007

pizza scene

We were putting in some evenings and weekends at work recently finishing up a big project.

One Sunday evening it was around 6:30 PM. I was at the office by myself and hungry. I decided to go out for dinner. One nice thing about having to be in late on nights and weekends is that we can expense our meals if we get take out.

I considered getting a donair sub. With donair sub I like Pizza Land in Clayton Park. I decided to go with pizza. Now Pizza Land also has excellent pizza, but I decided to try something new since the boss was paying for it.

I went with Little Caesars $5 medium because I wanted to try it out. It was OK I guess, you shouldn't expect too much for a $5 pizza I suppose. I drove to the store and they had them pre cooked and boxed in the heated glass area.

I took it back to the office which was nearby. Unfortunately when I took the first bite I had to put it in the microwave as it wasn't really hot anymore. I know it's $5 pizza but when I get take out pizza I expect the cheese to still be melted out of the box. So that was a bit disappointing.

Later that evening some others showed up at the office. They also ordered pizza. They went with Pizza Hut. I had a piece too since well I just like pizza. I was surprised at how good the Pizza Hut was. The cheese and toppings were very good and the crust was good. I've had Pizza Hut in the past years ago and it wasn't very good. It tasted salty and the crust was something like cardboard. I would never buy it myself. However Pizza Hut has improved over the years.

There's a couple of other pizza places worth mentioning. Sicilian in Fairview has very good donair, donair sub, and pizza. Ronnie's 2 for 1 on Main St. in Dartmouth is also good. Ronnie has a slice deal which is a big tasty slab of pizza. I recommend both Sicilian and Ronnie's.

In the past I worked at the big BIO building in Dartmouth as an IT contractor. Back in those days a few of us used to go out on Fridays to the King of Donair which was near to BIO. It was a mix of mostly contractors and some government employees. That was a good time and the King is pretty good.

Pizza places aren't generally known for friendly service but the King knew us as Friday regulars and was really very nice to us when we were there. So when they know you they will treat you well. Those were some good times the King Fridays.

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