Friday, December 07, 2007

Unused vacation

I was talking to the HR person the other day. She said I a good bit of vacation time unused. If I don't use some it won't carry over into 2008. I told her I'm done for the year on Dec 14 so I'll be taking a block of time in December. That will get me under so I can carry the remainder into 2008.

It's still a big chunk to be carrying over, around 15 days. I get 20 days a year. There's a couple of reasons I have this carry over. This is the first year I'm at 20 days/year of vacation so I'm not used to having and using up that much. Plus there were some issues to deal with this year that kind of made it not really a good time until now in December to be taking vacation. And there's work of course. I wouldn't have minded shutting it down for the year earlier than Dec 14, but we have a project in the final stages and until the project finishes I can't take a chunk of time before then.

For 2008 things are looking more positive. With 20 days base and 15 carried from 2007 I don't plan to use all 35. I do intend to use more than 20 next year and so reduce the unused. I'll plan to be better to myself in 2008 and use around 25-30 days. I can take a nice 2 week summer break and around 2 weeks at the end of the year and still take some loose days here and there for stuff with the kids, extra long weekends, golf or appointments.

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