Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 resolutions

Well the James Bond year 007 is ending and 08 is about to begin.

Eight was my favorite number when I was young. Baseball was my favorite sport and Gary Carter of the Montreal Expos was my favorite player on my favorite team and he wore number 8. So eight was my original favorite number.

Later on 14 was my favorite number with Dan Fouts and Richard Todd, followed by 6 with Mark Martin. I guess 14 is again now my favorite number but it's not as important to me as it used to be. Green is my favorite color and always has been.

Anyway, 2008 resolutions. Historically I don't do new year's resolutions but I did 2007 resolutions. I did well with my 2007 resolutions. This has been a very difficult year but the important changes have been made and now things are moving in a better direction.

For 2008 there are a number of areas to work on. One important area is to continue in the right direction financially. This looks to be a hard financial year but I still need to stay the course and spend only as much as I bring in and get the debt down at least some.

There are lots of areas to work on for this year so if I can accomplish some of my goals then I should be much better off this time next year.

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