Monday, September 29, 2008

Added some RAM

My PC has been running a bit sluggish lately. I added some new software to my PC and I think that has taxed it.

I bought my home PC used from Facebook marketplace. It was from a nice Cape Breton grandmother. It's a nice PC, but around 3-4 years old now I'd estimate. It had 750 Mb of RAM, which is a tick light. So I decided to by some RAM. I went to Robotnik in Bayers Lake. That was a very enjoyable place to go. The staff there were enthusiastic and really very knowledgeable.

They also recommended that I check for viruses and such. That was honest of them. I'm sure sometimes people come into their store looking for RAM or whatever when their real problem is their PC is slowed down by viruses, spyware, adware, crapware, zombies.

I think the trick to buying RAM [besides going to Robotnik], is when you go to the store is to just pop out one of the RAM cards from your PC and take that up. I did that and the guy at Robotnik looked at it and instantly recognized it and knew what would fit in my slots. My PC is OK, it does have 3 RAM slots which is pretty good.

I ended up buying a 1 Gb RAM card for $50. Not a bad price. It's kind of funny because on the RAM card I popped out of my PC it was a 512 Mb card which still had its original sticker price on which was $100. So RAM today is 4 times as affordable now as when this PC was built.

So now I'm up to a healthier 1.5 Gb of RAM. Although I have 3 RAM slots on my PC, I took out a 250 Mb RAM card and replaced it with the 1 Gb RAM I bought. I ended up putting the 250 Mb RAM into a different underpowered computer my kids use which I think would benefit more from the extra 250 Mb than my computer would.

And I'm glad my PC is indeed running somewhat faster. However the software I installed is still taxing my system. I can get by with it the way it is, but I'm now leaning toward upgrading the entire system to a dual core processor which is what the software recommends. It seems I'm becoming something of an accidental power user/gamer.

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