Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New watch, like the old watch

I finally went ahead and bought a new watch. My trusty old Timex ironman watch was just getting too beat up.

I didn't look too hard for a new watch. I knew I wanted another ironman. I ended up getting a Timex Expedition which is about the same thing. I got it at wal-mart. I was surprised that it was only $42. I thought they cost more than that. So that was good.

This watch has a velcro wrap around strap which I actually like. With the older buttonhole straps they were always too loose or too tight. Now I can get it just right. I hope the strap lasts.

One thing I like about the watch is that the function screens and the 4 buttons which control them are exactly the way they were on my old Timex I had all those years. That shows how well the original user interface was designed that years later it is still the same. I appreciate it.

I hope this Timex Expedition can serve me as well as my last Timex did. That was a great watch. It's off to a good start so far. I'm glad I bought it.

Speaking of watches, that makes me think I should finally do something about my old Guess watch.

It was a good watch. I got it a few years ago as a gift. I still have the original box. It was nice as a fancier watch for the occasional time to wear. Unfortunately the watch has some problems today. The battery died a long time ago. The strap is worn out. And the glass face cracked and broke off and needs to be replaced [I'm pretty sure it was the watch guy at the Bay who cracked it originally]. It hasn't been usable in several years.

None of these repairs are cheap with Guess watches so I'm not really inclined to spend the money to rehabilitate it. There's lots of stuff I want to do and get, but a fancier watch is not even on the list. I'm leaning more toward putting it on Kijiji as is and seeing if I can get a small amount of money for it.

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