Thursday, September 25, 2008

New shoes

I picked up some new shoes recently. I had already tossed out my old casual shoes so it was time for a change.

I ended up getting Clarks XTR lite. They are pretty light and comfortable. I saved some time by just going straight to the Shoe Company. As usual there was a good selection and the staff was helpful and knowledgable but stayed out of the way when I just wanted to look. It's a consistent quality shopping experience there.

The sizing seems a bit strange on the Clarks. I ended up getting a 9.5 after trying on 10.5 and 10. The last time I wore size 9 was around grade 9 so maybe their sizing is a bit different.

They are brown. They don't look too bad. I should get some black casual shoes too but I'll put that off for a while. I hope these last. The previous shoes I had for several years, but they were beat up and I should have tossed them quite a while ago. So see what happens with these. At $89 they are a bit more expensive. I don't wear them as much or as hard as sneakers so they may last.

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